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Friday, August 21, 2009

gallery rabbits

I'm pleased to say that the "Rabbitual" show at Tacoma's Two Vaults Gallery was very well attended indeed. So much so that I couldn't get much in the way of photos without a throng of folks in them. And then in the small back hallway I spotted this fresh, direct work by Dorothy Bonneau, "Beach Bunny." Not a great shot, but you see how the paint is applied so as to give the feeling of fluff or foliage depending - and I did really like her use of color.

And here are two massive bunnies, as promised. (There was a third just like it chilling in a cage outside.) The one looking into the camera had just hopped over and disdainfully pushed the sanitizer lotion bottle off with his nose. He was all "Harruph, I disapprove of your lotion" about it.


Anonymous said...

Some of those art-rabbits just looked odd to us. Now that photo of those real rabbits -- that's what we like!

curator said...

They were lovely big rabbits. But I wish you could have seen all the artwork there! I am very sure you would have liked some.

Quilt Works said...

I love the big bushy rabbits! Just want to run my hands through their furrrrr :-)