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Sunday, August 16, 2009

rabbits in art: a gallery show in my own back yard!

Two Vaults Gallery in Tacoma, WA will open "Rabbitual" this Thursday, August 20th. Looks like the gallery has lined up a strong mix of artists -- one of whom, Dorothy McCuistion, is represented in my own collection.

Speaking of rabbits, I've learned something about them that blows my mind. Did you know that on the Isle of Portland (County of Dorset, UK, sticking out into the English Channel) it's not only bad luck, but bad manners to say the word "rabbit"? And that this actually caused some difficulty when Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit hit the big screen? Check out the BBC News story here. Limestone quarries were a primary source of employment there for years, and workers noticed that rabbits were often seen before (possibly deadly) rockslides. Cause and effect? In any case, rabbits took the fall for these, and to this day they are called a lot of things - but not "rabbits." Here's an interesting travel page about the Isle of Portland.


Anonymous said...

We like the idea of that exhibit. We wouldn't want to be around when the Flemish Giants are, though. Forty-pound rabbits could squish us flat!

moderna said...

Two Vaults had a equine show about a year ago and it was great.

curator said...

Well, I hope this one is too - I want to see a 40 lb bunny! (2 bunnies.)