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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

first pets, 1917

An unexpected result of the Portland trip this past weekend: a handful of anonymous, vintage "pet & people" photos, riffled out from Ampersand's bulk bin.
This one isn't utterly anonymous: the back reads "Jean and first pets. about a year old. 1917 - Sept. 2"
Where is this lovely child now, and were pets a constant presence in his or her life? Look how gently this baby is handling those fluffy round critters (puppies, I'm thinking).


parlance said...

Curator, thank you! Today's post and also your last one are a wonderful find. I belong to a writers' group and one of the things we do is use an old photo or postcard for a prompt to inspire our fiction.

I love the "first pets" one! The old photo site is great, also.

parlance said...

Curator, I meant, the September 02 post, not your last one.

curator said...

Parlance, you are so welcome! I belong to a writers' group too (by distance now, though I hope to rejoin them in person in a couple years). I have a few more where that came from and I hope you'll enjoy. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

We hope little Jean lived a long and happy life, with plenty of puppies to love. (Although cats would have been better...)