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Monday, September 21, 2009

i would like to turn your attentions to the guinea pig

I have a good new link under "Useful Friends" -- http://www.guineapigruninfo.com/, where you may learn about the healthiest housing choices for the little furry wheet-wheet-wheeter in your home. And while I was idly noodling about looking for some tidbit to offer you in guinea pig art, I came across this poem from a slim volume privately published in 1898. You may smile tenderly (and sympathetically) that 111 years ago a cavy was so loved:

On the death of a favorite guinea-pig.

Now swoll'n with crying are our Sarah's eyes,
Sad Jane refuses from her chair to rise;
Mamma and Edith groan without relief;
William, Pip, Gracie, all are plunged in grief.
For lovely Wiggy from this life hath flown;
His beauteous form upon the ground is strown.
No more shall sparkle now his jet-black eye ;
No more his voice shall grunt sweet melody;
Parsley no more nor apples shall delight,
By Arthur's liberal hand placed in his sight ;
Never again with ardour shall he burn
Fell rats to conquer, ne'er to us return.

-- From Intervalla: Verses Greek, Latin and English by The Rt. Hon. George Denman, M.A. (Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, 1898)

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