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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

quite a find of vintage dog photos

Washington DC, 1922: Four boys, hair neatly slicked and good knicker-trousers on, sadly carry a little white box. It's a "Dog Funeral," and you may see this touching image on my latest thrilling find: the Shorpy blog.

"A vintage photography blog featuring thousands of high-definition images from the 1850s to 1950s," it calls itself, and I can attest to the amount and quality all right. Of course, I went looking for dogs to bring to your attention, and I found them (I searched for "Dogs"). So why not see if you can find, say, the shepherd dog with his master under the free blue skies of 1942 Montana? Or the White House dog (??) inexplicably perched on a medicine ball? Or little Princess Priscilla of Romania, in tiny white shoes and a hopeful expression, holding a half-asleep spainel on a leash?

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Anonymous said...

Shorpy is a real treasure chest of photos of everyday life from a different age.