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Saturday, October 10, 2009

presidential dogs

Did you hear President Obama retelling how his young daughters took the news of his Nobel? "You got the Nobel Prize, and it's Bo's birthday, and we get a three day weekend." Something like that. I had to smile at the sheer excellence. Of course the dog's birthday is right up there.

And Bo is right at the end of a fine short slideshow of Presidential dogs past and present you'll find at NPR.org. Dogs we know well - FDR's Fala, the Clintons' Buddy, George H. W. Bush's Millie - are in there.

So are a few others I did not know as well. Say what you will about Herbert Hoover, his King Tut was clearly a good friend to him. I had forgotten Gerald Ford's Liberty, who has one of the cutest faces in the lineup. And I never knew Nixon had a Yorkie named Pasha. Have a look at the show.


Anita said...

Presidential dogs?? No, no, no!!!

Only we cats can be president! Muahahahahaha!

curator said...

Anita, you are such a funny cat!! : )