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Sunday, November 08, 2009

a little cat mix

Today I have a few cat things from all over, starting with this perfect fall image of a black cat - a kuroki neko - in a tree, painted by Japanese artist Hishida Shunso in 1910. (Thanks, Wikimedia Commons.) Hishida died just shy of his 37th birthday, and had labored under kidney and retinal disease in his last years. So this golden painting, an "Important Cultural Property" in his native Japan, was done by a young man who knew he might well go blind soon. Here's a bit about his accomplishments.
Speaking of doing what you want despite everything, friend N. McGuire passed on this true story from another friend about an old cat who had her own plans for a good exit:
A co-worker of mine had a nineteen year old black and white cat named "Twisted Sister". She hadn't been doing well recently and her owner was about ready to take her to the vet for the inevitable and was pretty distraught even though Twisted Sister had lived a long, happy, rock and roll life. But Twisted had her own ideas on how it was going to end - during the night she attempted her last supper...and was found face down and smiling in her food dish the next morning. She did it her way.
And last but not least, I see this has gone all over the place but I hadn't seen it till this morning. Since I missed Friday's BlogBlast for Peace, it can't hurt to stick in a Sunday morning reminder of love and togetherness:

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Anonymous said...

We have to admire Twisted Sister for going out on her own terms. Hopefully we all have such a good end.