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Thursday, December 17, 2009

dogs: they can track anything, even whales

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Here's something my friend Brit told me of a couple days ago:

Dogs can track whales. How? Through whales' poop.

Why? Oddly enough, not so they can roll in it. I am sure they'd try, but it's more important that the poop be used and evaluated by whale researchers to learn why there are only 350 (less by now? the story she sent was from 2006) North Atlantic right whales left. Researchers can tell what they are eating, if they are sick, why they might be sick, and all sorts of other things. The dogs' noses guide the research boats to the poop, which otherwise sinks too quickly to get much. (Which reminds me of some hazing talk my dad used to repeat from the Navy, but I am not going there.)

It's an adventuresome story and a great way to learn a little about the concerns of marine biology. There's a photo gallery too, so be sure and see it. Story is here.

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