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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

rabbits go hollywood

Ah, we all know that rabbits disapprove. But did we know rabbits have such a finely honed sense of cultural criticism?

If I'd been keeping up with Slate.com in 2007 or so, perhaps I would have. Because then I'd have stumbled upon Rabbit Bites much sooner. Briefly put, Rabbit Bites is Buns and Chou Chou's odyssey through mass media American delights such as the Oscars, CSI, and To Catch a Predator. That last one isn't child appropriate of course, but hilarious: (squeaky voice)"My good man! . . . Is that a question for company?" Plus they interview Patton Oswalt, whom I looove. And who's going to take it personally? They're rabbits, forcryinoutloud.

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