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Sunday, February 28, 2010

nature and what could happen

A couple of days ago I was leafing through Modern Painters and came across Holly Sears' "Big Water." A peaceable kingdom of sorts, it shows a variety of creatures domestic and wild, not always to relative scale, rendered in a jewel-like bright and painstaking attention. They are heaped up on a floating log, and mirrored in the clear water around them. I was enchanted.

I wish very much that I could offer you a photo, but I have not opportunity to gain permission from the artist. Even so, I know you would enjoy Holly Sears' work. You'll find "Big Water" there, along with her statement on how nature and ritual fuse for her. I recommend that you also find there "Carousel," "Circus," and "Treasure," but you can't go wrong wherever you look.

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