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Sunday, June 27, 2010

best collie website ever (bonus! it's post #1,000!)

Seriously, anything I say this morning will only hold you up when you should be surfing over to Old Time Farm Shepherd, "Dedicated to Bringing Back the Old Scotch Collie of Yesterday." The level of research and content and sheer attractiveness of this site fills me with delighted envy, if you can imagine such an emotion. You'll see an article on Queen Victoria's collies; many engravings and photos of historic collies; an article on earlier forms of the name collie; and much, much, dizzyingly much more.

PS: I didn't notice till I logged into my Dashboard today that this is Post #1000. Gosh, that was fast. Thanks for all of your visits!


Andy Ward said...

Thanks for the great review of my website. It is a labor of love, I appreciate the kind words.

curator said...

Hi Andy, I just now saw your comment. You are most welcome, and I stand in awe of your excellent work!