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Thursday, July 01, 2010

some dog proverbs from here and there

More from Dwight Edwards Marvin's The Antiquity of Proverbs. I bet you've never heard these variants of well known sayings before:

The dog of the master of the house mounts upon the chief sofa. (Osmanli - antiquated term for Turkish)
The dog saw himself in fine breeches.—He would not recognize other dogs. (Spanish)
A silent dog will bite the heels. (Tamil)
The big dog's nature will be in the pup. (Gaelic; that is, the brave are born from the brave)
Ye're like the miller's dog; ye lick your lips ere the pock is opened. (Scotch; that is, don't count your chickens till they're hatched.)

And I'll finish with a bit of the obvious with which we all can agree: I would rather have a dog my friend than enemy. (German)


Noll's Nip said...

Great proverbs. Enjoyed the reading.

curator said...

Glad you enjoyed - always nice to see you here. I better come visit!