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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

vintage photo time!

another fab ampersand find
Sometimes all it takes is a pet fish. And that's all right.
* * *


Something to love, some tree or flow'r,
Something to nurse in my lonely bow'r,
Some dog to follow, where'er I roam,
Some bird to warble my welcome home,
Some tame gazelle, or some gentle dove:
Something to love. Oh, something to love !

Something to love. Oh, let me see!
Something that's filled with a love for me;
Beloved by none, it is sad to live,
And 'tis sad to die and leave none to grieve;
And fond and true let the lov'd one prove,
Something to love. Oh, something to love!

-- Thomas Haynes Bayly, 1844

1 comment:

parlance said...

Yes, a great photo. I've tried to photograph fish, and it's darned hard.