Thursday, December 09, 2010

a 15th century dog collar

public domain thanks wikimedia commons
Pisanello (Italian; 1st half of the 15th century) had the ability to portray the high elegance of his time with grace and clarity. Look at this, for example: I could call it a study of a dog's head with collar/muzzle, every rivet and stitch there on the headpiece to copy if we wanted to make another. I choose to call it a portrait instead (and yes, that's a woman's portrait visible from the other side), for Pisanello has caught the creature's resigned head tilt, the eye beginning to droop closed: why do I have to stand here? why do I have to have this muzzle on?


  1. That's a stunning picture, and reminds me why I like Pisanello so much. I was fortunate enough to see several of his works in a show at the British Museum earlier this year, but I don't think this drawing was among them.

  2. I have been searching for this information and finally found it. A dog collar is a is a piece of material put around the neck of a dog. Thanks!

  3. Hi Laura, -- according to Wikimedia, this drawing is at the Louvre. (Where it probably isn't up where we could see it, anyway...sigh.)

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