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Saturday, February 26, 2011

vintage photo time: conclusion, the dogs and their girl

And here we are in March 1976 (says the developer's mark on back).
The girl -- why not keep calling her that -- has lots of gray in her curls now, but still smiles just like she always did. Here she is back on the lawn at the family homestead. And look at that, after all these years and dogs, she's got a fine new puppy.
I truly don't know who she is, or where she is now; when I do the math it's likely that she and her dogs are all together on another shore. But I have had such pleasure and inspiration in the constant joy, love, and sheer willingness to embrace life that I've seen in this series. I hope you have seen a little of that too.
Now go enjoy your own memories, hug your pets, and make new happy days with them.


Catmama said...

Wonderful series of photos and accompanying prose.

Carmen (Ana, Zar y Sara´s human) said...

It is a nice honoring to someone who existed at some time and gave very much love to animals...

Winnie said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures. They told such a lovely story and our imaginations could maybe fill in the blanks.

parlance said...

This was a wonderful series. Thanks for sharing it.