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Monday, March 14, 2011

public service announcement: adopt genevieve and twila

I met Twila (top) and Genevieve at the Tukwila WA Petco while I was picking up a very hard to find food for Bac'. They'd been given a showcase courtesy of their agency, Rescue Every Dog, and here's their story:
"GENEVIEVE (white) & TWILA (brown tabby) are 4 yr old sisters who came to us due to their owner's illness. They are very friendly girls who like to be petted and brushed. Their favorite spot is in the window sunning or just watching the world. They hang out sleeping, playing and grooming each other. Fun, sweet and loving are words that describe these cats. They are great cats and will make great companions either together or individually. The adoption donations are $200 with both cats going to the same household. 135.00 each if they are adopted separately."
So their owner was too sick and had to give them up - oh, how sad. And if only you could have seen how hopefully they looked out of the little window of the Petco cubby, and how they watched me come and go with the most rapt attention - till they saw me go to the checkout counter, and Twila sighed, turned away, and curled up.
I promised them I'd do my best to help.
Do you have room for two mellow, pretty cats? Email support@rescueeverydog.org. Mail is

Adoption & Adminstration Support Services
P.O. Box 1741
Kingston, WA 98346
Though email is better.


cate said...

Oh that is sad. They look such little cuties and it must be awful to be so sick you have to give up your kitties. Hope they find a home soon.

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

After your description of the 2 sweethearts watching you, I wanted to take them home. :( I hope they go together! :)