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Thursday, May 26, 2011

a running hare

wikimedia commons [public domain]

Pisanello (Italian, c. 1395 - c. 1455) is better known for works with a bit of pageantry in them: jewels, pomp, well detailed luxury. That ability for detail didn't desert him when it came to such a simple thing as a running hare (this one is in the Louvre's collection). The elegance is here too in the animal's elongation. It's almost more of an idea of a hare's speed and movement, rather than a strictly accurate portrayal. Last, but by no means least - look at the appraising eye. (Probably this was done from a deceased model, so he had to create that all by himself.) Pisanello, for all his delicacy and love of rich materials, was somehow able to spot and capture an arresting soulfulness in creatures. You might see a bit of that among the info here. Look for the detail of St. George's horse.

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Katnip Lounge said...

OK, How do you KNOW all this stuff? Truly amazing.

And fun!