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Sunday, June 12, 2011

1902: a pug breeder's ad

material in public domain

I came across this on page 250 of the 1902 edition of Everything about Dogs (Alvin George Eberhart, editor; The Eberhart Kennels, Camp Dennison, Ohio) and it just made me laugh. Especially that bit in the small print. Everything about Dogs was a sizable vanity/publicity publication for Alvin George Eberhart and his Eberhart Kennels, though he also featured a great plenty of other breeders' ads (along with the exhortation to tell them you saw it in his book). He saw to it that his book lived up to the title, including extensive info on the health, housing, and happiness of dogs: as he proclaimed on the title page,

Taking proper care of a dog from its birth—through life—
till it dies from old age—and is buried in the yard.

I did not make that up.


Jill said...

Love the grammar, too!

parlance said...

I wonder if everyone buried beloved dogs in the yard in those days.