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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the hound puck

thanks again wikimedia [public domain]

Therese Schwartze (1851 - 1918), a Dutch painter, was known not only for her technical skill but for a fine business sense that gained her a good career among Netherlandish high society. (There's a YouTube video of her work here! That's a find.) However, I'm hard put to find out what exact level of high society contained this "Young Italian Woman with the Dog Puck." And yes, that is Puck's very own name you see inscribed up there in the upper right hand corner. Isn't that funny we don't know the woman's name, but there's the dog identified for posterity? I was attracted to the dry elegance of this work - particularly the sculptural white sleeves that look a bit like the dog's angular form.


parlance said...

Wasn't it the Egyptians who believed that if your name is remembered, you are immortal?

I will remember Puck.

cate said...

Ohh that's a great pic and Puck looks so devoted.

Winnie said...

Lovely expressions in the painting.

Hey, when I saw this story I thought of you and the interesting finds you bring us. Thought you might like this story and pic if you've not seen it yet...


Love and licks, Winnie

Winnie said...

Try this short url if you can't see it all in my last comment...


Winnie (again)

curator said...

Hi Winnie, Oh, I wish they had had more photos of the mosaic! It looked quite beautiful. Thank you for the link!