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Saturday, June 25, 2011

ice cream cart for dogs!

photo kindly sent by arrfscarf.com

It's an idea whose time has come!

I was sent a press release by the owner of Lick Lick ice cream and ArrfScarf treats, Andreana Droz. (I'm pretty sure that's her in the photo.) The ArrfScarf.com website seems to be under development, but let me offer a few choice morsels from the release:
* * *

Chicago, June 20, 2011…Chicago’s first Doggie Ice Cream Cart made its debut Memorial Day weekend. The cute little red umbrella cart with the Lick Lick name is owned by young designer-turned entrepreneur Andreana Droz. She has channeled her creativity and love of dogs into a business traditionally dominated by men to become one of the few female cart vendors in the United States. . .

Since its launch, Lick Lick is fast becoming a hot brand. While Droz created the flavors herself, she has a local artisan make the doggie ice cream in small batches using seasonal ingredients. Yogurt and coconut and almond milk based, it contains NO preservatives. There’s tuna cranberry - carrot carob - peanut butter bacon - green apple cheddar – and strawberry almond mint. Lick Lick could be a fun novelty dessert at a summer barbeque.

ARRFSCARF’s treats are like nothing you’ll find on the market today. Made in small batches with organic ingredients and no preservatives, these low salt, low sugar confections could be on the cover of Bon App├ętit Magazine. “Think of us as the Tiffany’s of treats,” says Droz. “They are not your traditional bone-shaped dog biscuits by any means.” Choose from SUKI Treats – soft and chewy made from fresh ground peanut butter and vegan carob chips; Maru Macaroons - wheat free, little jeweled clusters of bacon, coconut, and cranberries; and Snazzlers by Snorkie - delicate flaky crisps of cheddar, parmesan, and fresh blueberries. One customer stocks up on SUKI Treats every month and she doesn’t even own a dog (emphasis mine - Curator).
* * *

You can find ARRFSCARF on Facebook/arrfscarf and Twitter @arrfscarf. What a fun idea!

And meanwhile. . . I was quite hammered by the demands of work this week, so I had to go do that when I'd rather have been posting and commenting with you all. Pretty punishing. But I did have time to realize I really like these T-shirts: ArmTheAnimals.com. I want this one.


Joey and Maggie said...

And it's right in my hood. I'll have to check them out, thanks!!

curator said...

They ARE!? Yay! Let me know how it goes!


AAAA Cats like ice cream too! how about one for us felines hmmmmm
sounds like another campaign for...the ROCKMAN

Dan said...


cate said...

Ooo I have to check this out!

Andreana said...

I do have a pup, Ms. Maru. She is on the front of the cart! Every treat we make is dedicated to dogs we know and love. That is why it is so important to do everything, we do it with the freshest ingredients!


I do have a pup, Ms. Maru. She is on the front of the cart! Every treat we make is dedicated to dogs we know and love. That is why it is so important to do everything with the freshest ingredients!

curator said...

Hi ARRFSCARF, Why yes, I saw Suki's photo and she is a beautiful dog! I was talking about the lady who bought treats who didn't have a dog. Which is great!