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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

kitty in a spring garden

image copyright by and with kindest permission of artist elly chen 2011

Last week, during yet another stretch of gray, wet, unseasonable weather, I found this work by freelance illustrator Elly Chen and. . . it gave me hope. It felt kind of Fauvist around the edges, like a Matisse remix, and the way the white cat's fur has been picked out in pink is just luscious.

Elly's based in Taipei and went to the USC School of Design. Her art degree was in illustration, she writes, and adds: "I love colors. Now I'm doing my first picture book.....I also want to have my own child(ren's) book. Hope I can bring lots of colors and fun to everyone!" I hope she can, too, so you should look at her blog (specially her kitties), her website, and make a trip to her Etsy shop.

Happy Tuesday-after-long-weekend, everyone!


cate said...

Ohh Ellies Wonderland is exactly that, wonderful! What great pics of little kitties, I think Milly and Poppet would look super done in that style, so cute!

parlance said...

So simple and so evocative.

Have you seen the link on Slavenka's blog to the pics that include a cat in motion?


parlance said...

Just noticed the little box didn't get all of the huge address at Slavenka's blog. But if you use just the first bit you could scroll down and find it, I think. the cat jumping is a great series of photos.


Alvin said...

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