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Thursday, August 11, 2011

a jack russell on the beach

"beach dog" copyright and by kindest permission of clair hartmann

Clair Hartmann loves dogs. You understand that within seconds of visiting her Etsy shop and her website. Her dog portraits are immediate, up close and colorful, full of character and personality.

So why did I choose this work: "Beach Dog"?

I chose it in the total conviction that she captures a little dog's soul. See how alertly, yet easily he rests on the shore and gazes out to forever. He doesn't know there's another land far away, but he's fine with that. He just trusts in the moment, as dogs do, and we don't do enough. I felt as though I had done a short but satisfying Zen meditation after looking upon this work for a few moments.


parlance said...

My soul also thanks you for posting this lovely restful painting. I loved the etsi shop.

jen said...

The colors on this are just beautiful!

euthymic said...

Trusting in the moment is something everyone can learn. Thanks for sharing:)

Winnie said...

That is so beautiful and really does capture the dog's character beautifully.

Love and licks, Winnie