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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

black cat profile: by artist donna mckenzie

Image copyright by and with kindest permission of donna mckenzie
Black cats:  as I am now reminded daily thanks to Veronica, they are lovely all by themselves.  This sensitive, simple image comes to you from North Carolina artist Donna McKenzie.  You can find more of her work on Etsy at the shop corelladesign.  She also often creates with a playful approach, as you'll see in "Owls Love Hats," for example.  The thin, winding lines she prefers using make for an extra winsomeness in the characters, as if you could almost see them breathing.  


irone said...

hii.. looking at ur pic, I think, where is another side of ur body.. hehe, just kiddings,let's make friend black cat, I'm puput from indonesia, anyway, u have some nice pictures

curator said...

Hi Puput! I'm glad you like the blog - and black cats too. I lived in Singapore for a year as a kid - that's not Indonesia but it's sort of close.