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Friday, March 23, 2012

house of dachshunds

This past weekend I bought a curious book from a bargain table:  The House of Tekelden, by Denis Dawnay.  I had to - the cover sported drawings of dachshunds in what looked like 17th century garb.  Turns out it's a reprint of a special book privately drawn and written in 40's Britain for Dawnay's friends and their dachshund Flower. (The German word for dachshund is "Teckel.")  When you know that going in and read the preface, the in-joke is delicious beyond belief.
Images are very hard to find, so I must start by sending you to Alibris for the cover of this treasure.  But I did stumble upon a source of most of the interior plates! Look here for those. (I can't post any as they are still in copyright.)  You'll find many of them look familiar.  That's because they are deft wienerdog spoofs of some of art history's more famous paintings.  If you find a copy of this book, snap it up; it's too cute and odd to pass by.

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parlance said...

It sure looks like a gorgeously produced book.