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Saturday, April 14, 2012

but why not a sweet little cheetah?

I'm still on this cheetah kick from a couple days ago. I'm expressly not saying that cheetahs are a good pet choice.  They're not.  Do I wish I had a pet tiger?  Sure I do.  I wish a lot of things.  Wild animals do not make good pets and that's that.  But darn it, some people got to have pet cheetahs and I can't look away!
...Like this lady frolicking with her A. jubatus in this clip from British Pathe.  I do hope that's a fake fur round her shoulders (look at it), or this would be too wrong for words.
...Also at British Pathe:  the modestly off family at the Thame estate trots Chui the cheetah round their simple little yard, don't you know. (Not, of course, a modest house. Or a small yard.)
...And once more from BP and the what the h*** is wrong with these people files:  Andre Mercier, Paris, 1960:  snug apartment, dead big cat skins, one live cheetah.  SO Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  If you're a cheetah.  Run, cheetah, run! They're going to make a chic accessory out of you!


parlance said...

Oh, so sad, all of them. Aren't cheetahs the fastest runners on the planet? Living their whole life on a leash.

curator said...

Precisely. I really think Josephine Baker loved her cheetah - by all accounts she did -- but these last three just leave me feeling as if they are accoutrements of a wealthy lifestyle.