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Thursday, April 26, 2012

a favorite dachshund

thanks wikimedia commons {{PD:US}}
That's the title of this oil painting by the Victorian British painter Frank Paton (1855-1909), who made a solid career from his portrayals of animals and rural scenes.  I admit I normally approach works (and artists) of that description with my kitschmeter on a hair trigger.  However, after looking it over a bit I think Paton's work has a soulfulness and sympathy, particularly in his dog pieces.  (His cats do tend to be a bit cutesy.)  There's also a piece called "Disturbed by a Ferret," starring two rabbits, that has a fellow feeling to it I like.  Queen Victoria liked him, too.


Anonymous said...

The front paws and the wise, bitter-sweet look in the doggie's eye - that's what has moved me.

parlance said...

'Disturbed by a ferret' is interesting in that it shows things from the rabbits' perspective. I suppose he must have gone on a rabbit hunt to get the idea.

Joey and Rowdy said...

Great find - you don't see such nice old piebalds very often.