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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ni hao (hello). talk about your pet in mandarin

I'm excited to have found the BBC's "Schools" section online - particularly "Primary Languages," in which you can pick up a little chat in French, Spanish or (ooh!) Mandarin.  The BBC keeps it simple and important: part of the "Families Vocabulary" includes short chapters on "Pets" and "Describing Your Pet."
So how can I tell about Elizabeth in Mandarin?  Hm...
Wo you yi ge chong wu. 
Yi zhi mao.
Ta shi hui se de, mei li.

I have a pet.
A cat.
It is grey, beautiful.

Or maybe I want to talk about Veronica, in which case that last sentence can be:
Ta shi hei, ke xiao.
It is black, funny.  (But she is also mei li.)

Doesn't this sound fun!? Want to try?  Here is the Mandarin Pets page at the BBC.


parlance said...

I raced over, enthusiastic to try out German, but it wasn't there. On the other hand, maybe I could learn a few things about Welsh.

curator said...

Hi Parlance, Yes, I noticed they hadn't so many languages from which to choose! But I know enough German to say...hm... Penny ist eine schones Hund. Ihre Mutter liebt ihr vielmas. (Penny is a beautiful dog. Her mother loves her very much.) Actual German speakers...be kind! : )