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Sunday, April 01, 2012

sleeping cat, eve sand

copyright and by kindest permission of eve sand, artist

Vancouver, B.C.'s Eve Sand is a painter and graphic/web designer with a lyrical and pure touch, as you can see at her Etsy shop.  Most of her work there consists of simple forms against soft color, but now and again she throws in a linear pet study such as this.  I had to ask her if she'd let me share this with you, and she said yes along with this note:

"Interesting thing is that I always had dogs as pets, never a cat! Yet I am completely fascinated with them and enjoy drawing them! The cat in the picture is my best friend's pet. I don't have a single drawing of a dog for that matter.   Maybe I should work on that!"

I would love to see her dog studies when she does some.  Please do, Eve!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely. Cats are so svelte that they are perfect subjects for this style of drawing.