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Saturday, June 02, 2012

a cat looks into the light (bulb), c. 1910

thanks wikimedia commons {{PD-US}}
Wouldn't it be lovely if my light bulb choice could make me look that slim and stylish.  This is a poster of around 1910 by the artist and industrial designer Geza Farago for the Tungsram light bulb/vacuum tube company.  Though acquired in 1990 by GE, Tungsram still does business in Hungary. They had the good sense to include this fine image in their company website.
I couldn't dig up much on Farago, who was born and died in Bucharest (1877-1928) with periods of study in Paris and areas outside Bucharest.  Here's what I could find, with a link included to some of his other works.  He was a pupil of Mucha, one of the iconic names in Art Nouveau. I really prefer this version of the style:  simpler forms, vivid color.  And a great cat.


Ginger G said...

Nice - thank you for sharing! @dogwhisps

parlance said...

I reckon if I'd seen that in 1910, I'd have shot off to buy one of these new-fangled light bulbs.