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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i'm a kitty cat and i dance dance dance

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist, SAG
A toy in midair - attack or dance?  With a cat it's both, as Orlando biology buff/artist SAG knows.  Here's a velvety black cat in velvety black ink, distilled to gesture and a wicked smile.  When I ran across this piece I thought how Japanese it looked, and with good reason, as SAG later wrote me:
"I suppose if I had to sum up the character of my work in a single sentence, it is that I seem unable to decide which I love more, art or science, and so I have combined the two in a style that is informed by the simple, elegant lines of traditional Japanese art (but does not (unfortunately!) resemble them)."
SAG's favorite subjects include not only more jolly felines, but delightful lizards and insects - even a bat bookmark that I would be happy to poke into my nighttime reading.  Have a look at the Etsy shop SAG calls OniOniOniArt.



Meow - it kinda looks like me when i want the "human" to feed me!

curator said...

Hi Rocco! I'd love to see you dance: ) but I would be sure to feed you too.