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Sunday, August 12, 2012

young beatrix and her dog

thanks wikimedia commons {{PD:US}}
Here's one of my heroines, Beatrix Potter, as a girl of 15 with her dog Spot.  A product of a lonely Victorian childhood, Potter grew up to be a tough, unsentimental and thoroughly solid citizen with a constant soft spot for children and pets.  I highly recommend Margaret Lane's biography if you'd like to read up.  And here's a slideshow from the Victoria and Albert Museum on Potter's life in photographs.  No photos of Hunca Munca or Mrs. Tiggywinkle though - what a pity.


parlance said...

What a great find - I enjoyed the slide show. I hadn't realised she was modern enough to have been photographed, although I have visited her home, so I suppose there were photos on display.

Isn't she the mastermind behind the idea of a National Trust, or something like that? And isn't she the first to think of marketing items to go with her books, which she was the first to think of making child-sized?

I admire her! (Not sure of those facts, though.)

curator said...

Hi Parlance,
You're right/close on all counts! Her father Rupert Potter was an amateur photographer; she willed much of her Lake Country property to the National Trust; and if she wasn't THE first to market related goods, I don't know who was.