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Thursday, November 08, 2012

clever dog lab

You know how your dog seems to have these decided opinions about what which kitten he likes best (Briar prefers Elizabeth), or how the couch is better than that big round squishy bed you so expensively bought him?  And how did he learn how to nose open the cabinet where you keep the peanut butter dog biscuits?  Does he really understand anything you say?  What could he do if you just knew how to teach him?
If only you both could fly to Vienna and spend some time at the Clever Dog Lab.  A scientific society linked to the Unit of Comparative Cognition at the University of Vienna, the personnel at the Clever Dog Lab want to find out more about how dogs learn and how they see their relationship with us.
Current studies include "Is your dog empathic?" and "How aging affects cognitive abilities in dogs."  You can also meet a lot of their doggy participants.  There's a lot to see at the Clever Dog Lab website.  Have fun!

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parlance said...

Ooh! Thanks for the links. I'll go and look.