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Friday, November 02, 2012

homeward hound

As I write this, I am wrapping up a week's hosting of an ad by my friends at Homeward Hound, a Seattle pet-sitting company.  Why are the folks there special?  Because not only do they have true love and care for people's animals, but they (Cat and Kelsey) are photographers and writers.  They've made their website and their Facebook page an oasis for those of us who need a sweet, puppy snap in the middle of the day...or night.  Their images are immediate and everyday, but catch the very exact second when there's a tender look, or a goofy grin, or an all-out run like Paradise was beckoning.
You don't have to live in Seattle (it's too wet anyway) to feel this happiness.  Just visit the website.  I hope you have fun.

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Homeward Hound said...

THANK YOOOOOU Andree. We really appreciate the post and your support!