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Sunday, December 16, 2012

love and shelter for a rabbit

thanks wikimedia commons
Babies love soft, friendly animals, and here in Titian's "Madonna of the Rabbit" (oil on panel, circa 1530) the baby Jesus is no exception.  We've talked here before about rabbits as symbols of Mary's fertility, and this one is white as well to show her purity.  I imagine Titian also enjoyed how the snowy fur makes the rich, soothing blue and rose of Mary's clothing all the more intense by contrast. (I love Titian's colors - particularly his blues.)  How gently she keeps the creature from hopping away, sheltering it as much as restraining it.  This is a scene of nurture, love and peace.
This painting is at the Louvre.  Would you like to learn more about it and see some other, similar paintings from their collection?  Then here is a wonderful page from the museum.

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Alex Dumpfree said...

This is really wonderful to see your post on the painting. i would like to know more about Louvre collections and thanks for sharing the museum. Do you like painting very much? I like fine arts and visit art galleries in my city regularly at spare time.