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Monday, January 21, 2013

a new maneki neko from miss ella

image copyright and by kindest permission of  e. goodwin
Ella Goodwin is an artist who does many things well, as you'll soon see, but as you can tell right now she does a winsome cat.  Here is her version of the traditional Japanese lucky beckoning cat or maneki neko. Personable, isn't he?  This same kitty has a number of adventures in Ella's world, dressing up as a pumpkin or a unicorn or a zombie, or swimming in the blue beauty of an underwater garden, always with the same remote and pleased look cats do get when they get - and go - their way.
"My background is in costume making and animation," Ella tells me,
I went on to focus on illustration and design but continued to make all of my own clothes for years. I had my fingers in so many pies but could never decide which path to fully follow as I loved every single pie! I realised that I didn't have to stop anything but could incorporate them all in one place in my shop on Etsy.
So my shop includes illustration, jewellery, toys and dresses too. There is quite a feline theme within the shop as one is inspired by these independent creatures particularly the ones I love the most; Chewbacca and Tiger, my two long haired baggy pantalooned and super fluffy moggies!
She's on Etsy at ShopMissElla, where you can be tempted many times over.  Also be sure to look at her portfolio at ellagoodwin.co.uk and scroll a bit through her blog.

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