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Monday, January 28, 2013

sergeant stubby

thanks wikipedia (PD)
Today's post comes with thanks to TaraM, because now I'm NOT the last person on earth to know about this much-decorated hero of World War I.
In the spring of 1917 the 102nd Infantry, 26th (Yankee) Division was drilling at Yale Field in New Haven, CT.  A bull terrier mix puppy began to show up, from where no one ever knew, and join in the drills.  Over time he was named "Stubby," became particular friends with Corporal Robert Conroy, and when it came time for the division to go to war, Conroy smuggled the pup on board the troop ship.  So began what really was a glorious life of battle and service.  Stubby was wounded in battle, healed up and went back out to the front.  He captured a German spy (by biting his rump and not letting go).  He wasn't just called "Sergeant," he was promoted.  He earned a string of awards and medals as long as his leg.  Then, after the war, he attended law school at Georgetown with Conroy and became the mascot for the Georgetown Hoyas.

There is much more to know about this dog, who did more in his life than many humans.  Rather than repeat it all here, I will send you to these good sources:
Here's Stubby himself, stuffed at the Smithsonian
He was the Badass of the Week once (warning, swearing there, but I loved this article and he deserves to be a Badass)
He even made it to McSweeney's.
Geez, I feel underaccomplished now.

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parlance said...

Wow! Loved it. Hope it's okay that I've reposted the link. I liked the McSweeney article better, as a dog owner, because I thought it explained Stubby's behaviour more logically.

Great find. Thanks for posting it.