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Saturday, January 12, 2013

spell "mousetrap" with 3 letters

. . . C-A-T.

Okay, you knew that one.  I'm on a riddle roll this morning, so try these out!  Answers in the tiny print at bottom.

1.  What's the difference between a cat and a book?
2.  Why does a dog wear more clothes in summer than in winter?
3. A certain room has eight corners; in every corner sits a cat, on every cat's tail sits a cat, and before each cat is a cat. How many cats in the room?
4. Behind the barn at early morn / I heard a herald blow his horn. / His beard was flesh, his mouth was horn, / The like of him was never born. 
5.  State the difference between happiness on earth and a kitten's head ?
6.  When is a tea-pot like a kitten ?
7.  Why does a puss purr ?
8.  What part of Spain does our cat, sleeping by herself on the hearth-rug, resemble? 

First four found in Nuts To Crack, by George Schorb (1902).  Last four found in Howard's Book of Conundrums and Riddles, by Clarence J. Howard (1869).

1.  One has the claws at the end of the paws, and the other has the clause at the end of the pause.
2.  In winter he wears a coat; in summer he wears a coat and pants.
3.  Eight cats; each cat is looking at another one, and they are all sitting on their own tails.
4.  He's a rooster (hatched, not born).
5.  On the one there is " too little 'ere below," on the other two little ears above! 
6.  When you're teasin' it (tea's in it)! 
7.  For an obvious pur-puss.
8.  Cat-alone here! (Catalonia). --Groan! -curator

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