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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

scratch, sniff, wag

kindest permission and copyright of lou lomibao
Lou Lomibao of Orange County CA had already spent a few years as a professional photographer when a dog came along and changed her view of things.  You know how that happens.  Here's how it happened for Lou:
Ever since my mini dapple dachshund Scratch came into my life my love of dogs led me to start photographing them with their families. I had always been a crafter at heart and came up with an idea to sell art pieces on Etsy where I hand cut dog silhouettes from vintage book pages. It was fun to find great pieces and make something families can cherish for many years. On the side I worked at a local humane society, volunteer at a dachshund rescue and organized an "OC Doxie" meetup group that has almost 600 members... it's all about the dogs!
From Lou's Etsy shop, scratchandsniff, here's the silhouette of a Portuguese Water Dog cut from a map of the Pacific Ocean.  I also rather like this cupcake corgi.  And wait till you see her photography at Scratch and Sniff Photo.  This gallery features some of her work with dogs and their people.  You'll see Lou's gift for helping people say "I love my dog" with a true feel for that particular love, rather than "person holds dog, say cheese, click."

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parlance said...

Her photos are fabulous. If I lived within a hundred miles of her place, I'd be over like a shot to get a photo taken of me and Penny.