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Monday, April 15, 2013

a hare, from paintmydog.uk

image copyright and by kindest permission of justine osborne, artist
It's been quite a while since we looked in on Justine Osborne and her work at paintmydog.uk.  Justine's work focuses on finding the spark that belongs to each individual dog, and creating the portrait to match.  As her bio says in part,
"I enjoy the colours of dogs, their shape, their intensity of expression.  Cross-breed or pure bred, every dog has its own challenges. Working with the owners allows for an insight into each dog's personality and the great effect they have on our lives. An irreplaceable bond occurs between owner and dog, and I always feel privileged to create images that represent such special relationships."
So I'm as surprised as you are that I chose her painting of a hare.
Her dogs continue to enchant - in fact I almost chose a weimaraner - but I found the wise wary eyes of this fellow so arresting that I wanted you all to see him too.  Get a good look at Justine's dog portraits at her Etsy shop and on Facebook.

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