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Saturday, May 18, 2013

dean russo: ragamuffin

image ©copyright Dean Russo Art and kindest permission of the artist
Today's treat is "Ragamuffin" by Brooklyn NY artist Dean Russo.  I ran into him on Twitter, and upon checking out his work this was one of the first images I saw.  I had to give you all a chance to see it.  Here's his artist's bio.
* * *
Art and animals. These two passions define Dean Russo, a Brooklyn, New York-based artist who uses vibrant Pop Art colors and bold abstract patterns to give a voice to his favorite subject, animals. Dean grew up in a home filled with art supplies, and from an early age began drawing cartoon characters, which became a great influence in his later work. After studying graphic design and fine arts at the School of Visual Arts and Pratt Institute, Dean began to paint primarily celebrity portraits, but his two cocker spaniels became his greatest inspiration. “They would sit at my feet every night while I painted, so one day I decided to paint them.”
Dean starts his paintings with the eyes, because, as every animal-lover knows, the eyes are the most expressive. Dean’s main subjects are dogs, with pit bulls representing the majority of his work. “Pit bulls are a misunderstood breed, and I’m just happy to be able to get the message about animal rescue out there.” Dean Russo Art Studio has a sincere dedication to animal rescue, and has participated in charity auctions, donations and fundraising to raise awareness and help out in the animal welfare community. Dean hopes to convey the care and devotion of animal-lovers of every kind, from dogs and cats to horses and beyond. He has a wildlife series in the works, as a way to support the countless animals on the verge of extinction. Through inspiring messages and bright prints, Dean Russo’s work is sure to brighten anyone’s day.
And, in case you were wondering, if Dean were a dog he’d be a German Shepherd. Big and bold, but known for being gentle and loyal.
* * * 
Be sure to visit his website, and look for the corgi, which was my other post choice.

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parlance said...

Those beautiful eyes speak volumes.