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Saturday, August 17, 2013

more proverbs: rabbit etc

Found in A Hand-book of Proverbs. Comprising an Entire Re-publication of Ray's Collection of English Proverbs, with His Additions from Foreign Languages. And a Complete Alphabetical Index; in which are Introduced Large Additions, as Well of Proverbs as of Sayings, Sentences, Maxims, and Phrases (yes, that's the whole title; G. Bell & Sons, 1875). . . 

 - To go rabbit-hunting with a dead ferret (to undertake an enterprise with improper means).
 - He loves you as a ferret does a rabbit, to make a meal of you.
 - He's like a rabbit, fat and lean in twenty-four hours.
 - It would make a dog doff his doublet.
 - It would vex a dog to see a pudding creep.  (It would vex me, too - Curator)
 - He bides as fast as a cat bound to a saucer.
 - You'll keep it no longer than you can a cat in a wheelbarrow.


Traveling Cats said...

That was interesting. I didn't know any of those proverbs. By the way, I'm now following your blog via Bloglovin.

curator said...

Thanks for following! I hope some of my readers are going to your wonderful site. I love seeing every cat and location you post. I hadn't heard any of these either, and what's more, right after I found these, I also found a book with 6000 Tamil proverbs. There were many cat ones I had never heard. I'm putting them in my upcoming eBook (which is taking me forever).