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Sunday, August 25, 2013

vintage photo time 2 - kitty adds style

i do not remember where i got this lovely thing
I traveled this weekend down to Portland to experience OMSI's "Mummies of the World" exhibition.  (Last weeks!  Go now!)  There were many moving and intense sights there, once I quit giggling at the overly sepulchral voiceover of the introductory presentation.  Of course there were a few mummified cats, and I am wearing earrings right now that look just like one beautifully wrapped and painted example.  Look for the one on the right under "1. Cats"
Since I have only just gotten back, it's Vintage Photo Time once more.  What a great dress! What a great gray cat!


Laura Brown said...

Nice picture! Did that mummy exhibition mention the 19th-century mummies in my hometown of Philippi, W.Va.?

curator said...

No! It didn't and now I am very curious. I think I shall look them up!