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Friday, September 13, 2013

the dog's character, 1804

A wild Dog is a very ferocious animal; but the domesticated Dog is remarkable for his attachment to mankind, and his desire of pleasing. He runs with cheerfulness at his master's call, and attends for orders, which he is always ready to execute. A single glance of the eye is often sufficient, and he is remarkable for his fidelity, and the steadiness of his affection.
He is all zeal, ardour, and obedience. More apt to recal to mind benefits than injuries; he is not discouraged by blows or bad treatment, but calmly suffers, and soon forgets them. Instead of flying, or discovering marks of resentment, he exposes himself to torture, and licks the hand from, which he received the blow: to the cruelty of his master, he only opposes complaint, patience, and submission.

-- The general character of the dog: illustrated by a variety of original and interesting anecdotes of that Beautiful and Useful Animal, in prose and verse, Joseph Taylor (London:  Darton and Harvey, 1804),  pp.2-3

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