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Monday, November 11, 2013

a k-9 wall of honor

My eyes are your eyes
to watch and protect you and yours.
My ears are your ears
to hear and detect evil minds in the dark.
My nose is your nose
to scent the invader of your domain.
And so you may live,
my life is also yours.

The United States War Dog Association has a Wall of Honor in memory of many brave canine soldiers and their handlers.  There you can pay respects to US Marine "Tosca," who lost her life in Afghanistan in 2011; Emir, a loyal veteran; Eiko, who did two tours in Iraq. Rico passed away in 2003 en route to a Presidential Secret Service mission.  Telin did three tours of duty for the Air Force.  All these heroes - and many human ones too - are deserving of our thanks and thoughts today.
Drop by the Wall of Honor here.

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