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Thursday, December 05, 2013

miss moon was a dog governess: meet janet hill

image copyright and by kindest permission of  janet hill
Everything is a teaching opportunity, even things as everyday as dinnertime, bathtime, or bedtime, if you've a receptive mind and a clever governess.  Luckily for a posse of dogs in Canadian artist Janet Hill's imagination, they have Miss Moon to guide them.  In her series Miss Moon was a Dog Governess Hill shows us the world of this most dignified and correct young woman as she attempts to instill well-bred freedom of spirit into her furry and behatted charges.  Here in #2 of the Miss Moon series, we're reminded "Always Be True to Your Adventurous Spirit."
Hill's work as a whole gives the nod to any cheerful possibility and any small elegant moment.  What if you could purchase a tiny giraffe from the pet store?  What if you couldn't get your lion off the couch?  How much fun is it to know you look smashing in your spangly evening dress?  These moments are rendered in a light that seems forever to be the freshest morning.  Have a look at her website and at her Etsy shop.

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