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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

a shout out for "animals: a parallel history"

Friend of the Museum Stevan Zivkov Andricin is crafting his newest documentary around an idea whose time has come - Animal History.  I'll let his words tell the tale:

Animal lovers, this is a call to action! Your contribution will help to literally change history.
Help us raise funds for the premiere tour of our doc movie "Animals: A Parallel History", the first feature documentary about animals' participation in humankind history. Animals don't have the power of speech and their lives and fates aren't taught in schools. In this film, in more than 100 minutes, we make a modest attempt to show people the history humans and animals share. We also illustrate how, over the last 200 years and now in the 21 century, animals have become little more than machines for food and experiments. 
So, we recognize the existence of parallel history: magnificent and glorious Animal History, and this movie is the first educational tool ever.

Here's the page where RocketHub makes it superbly easy to donate and get your name on the big screen.  (You don't even have to be namechecked in the movie credits if you don't wanna - look at the bottom choice, "no gift necessary."  Which is swell for us shy animal champions.)  Every tiny bit helps this fine idea.

Want to see some clips of the documentary in development?
Here you are.
And here you are again.
There's even a theme song already, but I'm going to save that for a day or two from now.

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