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Monday, March 03, 2014

polished grooming, child and dog

thanks wikipaintings.org (PD)
Here's John Singer Sargent around 1882 with a portrait of young Beatrice Townsend.  Her parents were part of Sargent's circle in Florence Italy, and I can't help but wonder if that's where this lovely child got her dress sense. (Admittedly, it's probably her mother's dress sense.) I don't believe it was common in 1880's America to dress a girl child in black unless there was mourning in the house.  This does not look like a mourning costume - not with that waist sash.
But what I want to get at is this: once you've stopped looking at the shiny, sleek perfection of Beatrice, do notice how very clean and silky her shaggy dog looks.  Granted, he must be meant as a comic foil, but he's clearly been made comb-perfect and shiny.  I don't often post on Sargent because he's everywhere and I prefer to explore, but this one I could not resist.


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