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Sunday, May 18, 2014

a deft lab from mr clumsy

image courtesy and by kindest permission of the artist
Artist Rafal Gotowicz's email name is "Mr Clumsy," but there's nothing clumsy about his pet portraits.  This Labrador Retriever is proof.  I'm fascinated by how solid he seems at first glance, and then you realize he's built up out of planes of color.  Look at his forehead and cheek to see what I mean. Then see those bright, thoughtful eyes, sketched by a hand that knows how to make them glow.  What a pleasure it is to see yet another way technical mastery is shaped by the soul of an artist into something that speaks.
Here's Rafal's website for more of this excellence (and you'll find out why the "Mr. Clumsy," too).  He very kindly provided me with a few other good sources:
5 Questions with Rafal Gotowicz, an article in the Asheville Post
His "Blue Beagle" was featured in 1000 Dog Portraits
Of course you'll want to check out the Etsy shop and Facebook
Have fun!

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