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Thursday, June 19, 2014

a black cat grin-pile

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Rochester NY artist Sara Pulver is the power and joy behind 3crows, her Etsy shop, where pets (and crows) are the order of the day. Here's her "Whimsical Black Cats," and I dare you not to see this and grab your own cat to see if you can make him or her smile.  I count eight grins. Not counting my own.
Over at her shop and also on her webpage you can see the freewheeling and happy world in which Sara's creatures dance, play, and sleep (often leaving the puny humans to curl up at the bed's foot, which isn't all that far removed from standard snooze procedure around here).  Her world is a place where cheer and chillaxing makes everything flow sweetly.  This comes truly, as you can see in this excerpt from her shop statement about the Native American respect for creation that inspires her:
". . .I feel like we've gotten pretty far away from that kind of regard and I guess at the core of my painting happy cats and dogs and whatnots is the hope of inspiring people to care and to take care and also to sort of send a little flag up to the people who get it (hey now!)."


3crows said...

Thanks for the wonderful write-up! (Anyone interested can use coupon code GIRAFFEDAY1 for free shipping in my Etsy shop)

curator said...

You're very welcome - and thanks for letting me post this work!