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Thursday, June 12, 2014

byron's lyon

"Lyon, you are no rogue, Lyon," he would say.  Or, "Lyon, thou art an honest fellow, Lyon." And Lyon wasn't going to argue with that, not only because Lord Byron was telling him so, but because Lyon was a dog.
Most people know of Byron's Newfoundland named Boatswain, for whom he wrote one of the greatest of dog epitaphs, but Lyon was the dog of his later days and watched over his master as Byron died in Greece.  Lyon thereupon was taken in by Byron's half-sister Augusta Leigh and lived his days out peacefully.
The Guardian UK has a series of illustrations on Byron's Boatswain and Lyon.  I think Lyon had a strong, sensitive face; I would have loved to have him for my dog.  Do you agree when you see him?  Have a look.

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